Accept Credit Cards on Shopify With Social Pay

Please understand that this isn’t a fully integrated solution as there as Shopify isn’t partnered with any Caribbean payment systems.

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Go to your Shopify dashboard, and create a new private app, then copy the app password.

Social Pay webhook api version “2021-10”


Shopify Generate Code Form

Paste your shopify website link and the app password in the
“Shopify Generate Code Form”

Your website link must look like this “”

Even if you have your own domain like “”, please
use the aforementioned above that shopify provides by default.

The app password is not your shopify login password.

The correct app password usually starts with “shppa_”

If you’d prefer to pass the transaction fees onto your clients,
please contact us after you’ve completed the integration.

Shopify Social Pay Bridge
Please include https://
Your Shopify Store Currency


Copy Your Code and Paste in the Shopify Additional Scripts Box


Create A Manual Payment Gateway within Shopify and labelled it as Credit Card.

Once everything is setup, Your order page will now have the Credit Card Form. 

step 5 (optional)


Shopify sends confirmation emails for manual orders, as such, you can customize the order confirmation template to avoid customer confusion. Watch the video below to learn the amendment steps.

PROS: If your client abandons the checkout page before completing the order, they can click the link in their email to resume the checkout process via Social Pay. Social Pay also sends a confirmation email to you and your client for each transaction. 

CONS: If you have additional gateways, such as paypal, it may also be confusing to your client as paypal doesnt trigger the order email until the payment is completed. However, the client should also receive a follow-up email from your gateway provider in a similar fashion like Social Pay.